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See below for the seven aspect and shape options available in our Classic range of frames.

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With an all-wood frame, the Classic range is our modernistic interpretation and reimagining of standard contemporary photo frames. What elevates them above the standard is the skill and eye of our in-house designer whose brief was to produce a new kind of contemporary display casing for the widest variety of artwork, sketches, prints, and photography. Our beautifully angular and minimalist-styled black photo frames and white photo frames give any image you intend for display an additional prominence and visual boost. The finish of the Classic is smooth to the touch. Visually, it’s flat, minimalist, and totally on point with current interior design trends.

For us, the key underlying the overall aesthetic effect of the Classic range is its beautiful matt finish. While many images and photographs do benefit from a glossier, more reflective frame, more muted larger pictures printed on matte paper tend to be overshadowed by a shinier frame surface. For larger matte photographs, the Classic range is, for many, the most suitable choice. Black picture frames from our Classic range lend themselves very well to mono imagery, sketches, and full colour pieces. Choose a white frame for any photographic prints or for any contemporary art (and reproductions) to ensure that the colours of and vividness in the image you’re displaying receives the maximum prominence required.

These handmade frames are available in either Matt Black or Matt White in seven different formats. You can choose from one of our standard sizes or get in touch with our team on a more bespoke project you’re working on. The Classic range of frames is built in-house by our experienced and professional workshop craftspeople.

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Collage Picture Frames

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The modernist, clean, and sleek frames in the Classic range make them the perfect display casing for normal-sized multi-aperture collage photo frames right up to large collage picture frames.

The stylish but understated matt finish of the frames bestows real visual impact on the collection of images and photographs you want to spotlight through the use of a wall collage picture frame.

The cornered-right angles used so well by the Classic range never threaten to crowd out the images and photographs in your collage picture frame – in fact, they highlight what you’re wanting your family and your visitors to enjoy and appreciate.

Whether you want a large collage photo frame or a simple wall frame picture collage, our Classic frame is an elegant, suitable, and understated surround. Use our online drag-and-drop intuitive design tool to build yours straight away – load on the photographs you want (you can choose up to 9), position where you want them to go, and then send it to our in-house team of craftspeople to build.

If you want a completely bespoke Classic collage photo frame, email or fax us the size of the frame you want to use together with an idea of the gaps between the photos and the sides of the frame. We’ll then get back to you with a sketch design.

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Sizes & Prices of Classic

See our size and price guide below. If you can’t see the perfect size for you, simply get in touch with our friendly customer support team to see how we can help.

Portrait & Landscape

Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 8" 254 x 203 £32.88 £0.60 £3.48 £1.67
12 x 8" 305 x 203 £33.95 £1.00 £4.38 £2.00
12 x 10" 305 x 254 £34.95 £1.10 £4.60 £2.50
16 x 12" 406 x 305 £44.47 £4.00 £4.96 £4.00
18 x 12" 457 x 305 £45.45 £4.00 £5.41 £4.50
20 x 16" 508 x 406 £53.14 £4.00 £10.74 £6.67
24 x 16" 610 x 406 £61.41 £6.00 £11.52 £8.00
24 x 20" 610 x 508 £67.91 £6.00 £13.90 £10.00
30 x 12" 762 x 305 £59.95 £4.40 £7.87 £6.88
30 x 20" 762 x 508 £77.58 £8.00 £15.33 £12.50
30 x 24" 762 x 610 £81.73 £10.00 £19.55 £15.00


Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 10" 254 x 254 £33.89 £0.80 £5.35 £2.08
12 x 12" 305 x 305 £35.97 £1.20 £6.07 £3.00
16 x 16" 406 x 406 £51.02 £4.00 £6.15 £5.33
20 x 20" 508 x 508 £61.64 £6.00 £10.42 £8.33
24 x 24" 610 x 610 £71.70 £8.00 £17.28 £12.00
30 x 30" 762 x 762 £90.31 £10.00 £20.19 £18.75
All Prices Exclude VAT


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