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For millennia, wood has been the material of choice for handmade frames because of its inviting hues, its homeliness, its aesthetic appeal, and its feel to the touch. Reclaimed wood raises that bar because:

  • it’s eco-friendly,
  • old-growth wood is harder to source for photographers, interior designers, and homeowners,
  • it has its own history and story, and
  • no matter how skilled the craftsperson, the character and age of genuine reclaimed wood can not be copied or facsimiled.

Rather than try to make the old wood look new, the finish on these distressed picture frames in our Western range are far from perfect – but that’s what gives it its own unique presence and personality. You can see that personality in the wood – little individual marks unique to that finish and a distinctive hand paint washed finish make the Western collection a compelling mixture of the best in vintage picture frames, antique picture frames, and ornate picture frames.

These handmade frames are most often used as either vintage photo frames or antique photo frames to house older family photographs. However, there’s no photograph, sketch, artwork, or print that our Western frames can’t be used on – this distressed, antique style adds extra emphasis and impact to any image you wish to proudly display. Western frames are available in charcoal, white, grey, or biscuit, in 11 different sizes in portrait and landscape modes, and 6 in square mode. All of our frames are assembled in-house by our experienced and highly-skilled craftspeople to order using the very best quality reclaimed wood. Please get in touch if you want to speak with us about a bespoke size.

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Antique photo frame cross section

Colour Samples

Collage Picture Frames

Professional paper types available to print your photos online with

The use of wood in framing and in furniture signifies homeliness, comfort, and the companionship of our loved ones. Wood’s usage in home fixtures and fittings is now so ingrained in us that using it as the primary material in regular collage photo frames and large collage photo frames is natural and fitting to a celebration of the best moments of our lives and in the lives of our loved ones.

Reclaimed wood, of course, tells a story all of its own – a story as unique as that of you and your family. Available in white, grey, charcoal, or biscuit hues, both the standard collage picture frames and large collage picture frames are the perfect marriage of ornateness, vintage aesthetics, and antiquity.

For your multi-aperture Western wall photo frame collage, you can select up to 9 different images for inclusion. You’re in control over the way it looks – use our online design tool to create the look you want with the photos you choose. Once you’ve finished, let our craftspeople do the work.

Alternatively, get us to design a unique bespoke frame to the size and orientation of your choice. Please send us your dimensions and a sketch of your idea and we’ll send you back a draft design for your comments and changes

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Sizes & Prices of Western

See our size and price guide below. If you can’t see the perfect size for you, simply get in touch with our friendly customer support team to see how we can help.

Portrait & Landscape

Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 8" 254 x 203 £53.17 £0.60 £3.48 £1.67
12 x 8" 305 x 203 £55.62 £1.00 £4.38 £2.00
12 x 10" 305 x 254 £58.00 £1.10 £4.60 £2.50
16 x 12" 406 x 305 £71.69 £4.00 £4.96 £4.0
18 x 12" 457 x 305 £78.44 £4.00 £5.41 £4.50
20 x 16" 508 x 406 £85.90 £4.00 £10.74 £6.67
24 x 16" 610 x 406 £96.95 £6.00 £11.52 £8.00
24 x 20" 610 x 508 £106.22 £6.00 £13.90 £10.00
30 x 12" 762 x 305 £96.19 £4.40 £7.87 £6.88
30 x 20" 762 x 508 £120.05 £8.00 £15.33 £12.50
30 x 24" 762 x 610 £126.98 £10.00 £19.55 £15.00


Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 10" 254 x 254 £55.45 £0.80 £5.35 £2.08
12 x 12" 305 x 305 £60.41 £1.20 £6.07 £3.00
16 x 16" 406 x 406 £81.00 £4.00 £6.15 £5.33
20 x 20" 508 x 508 £97.18 £6.00 £10.42 £8.33
24 x 24" 610 x 610 £112.79 £8.00 £17.28 £12.00
30 x 30" 762 x 762 £139.71 £10.00 £20.19 £18.75
All Prices Exclude VAT


Appleton - Modern Square Wooden Photo Frame
Baroque - Ornate Metallic Wooden Photo Frame
Casa - Rounded Edge Wooden Photo Frame
Classic - Contemporary Wooden Photo Frame
Vintage - Shabby Chic Wood Photo Frame
Chevron of a floating picture frame
Floating Picture Frame
Corner of an acrylic photo print
Acrylic Prints
Corner of a custom metal print
Metal Prints


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