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The Simplicity collection is a range of large, aesthetically striking while stylistically minimal, square-edged wood texture professional photo frames designed with the dual purpose of looking great and to showcase your photographs, prints, artwork, or sketches.

These handmade frames are available as;

  • black photo frames,
  • white photo frames,
  • brown photo frames, and
  • beech photo frames

The Simplicity collection really lifts your photo from the wall to give it viewing prominence thanks to its substantial 2 inch deep moulding. Professionals have a strong appreciation for the Simplicity range as the frame accentuates the depth and the detailing in an image while at no point ever threating to overshadow the display piece.

In-home customers are particularly fond of the way that a photograph, print, piece of artwork, or sketch takes centre stage because of the Simplicity frame and its ability to meld in with its environment – any wall covering, any floor surface, any style of furniture in the room in which it is hung.

Simplicity’s wooden photo frames and wooden picture frames lend themselves to any artwork or photograph you want to display in any arena – commercial, domestic, gallery, or exhibition. The large white picture frames that Simplicity is available in dramatically highlight imagery bursting with colour and vibrancy while the range of black photo frames work superbly well for monochromatic imagery.

For homes, offices, and galleries with striking wooden floors, you can choose from either brown wood picture frames or beech wood picture frames to achieve a continuity of colour in the space of display.

Simplicity frames are available in 11 portrait and landscape sizes as well as 6 square sizes. We can design a Simplicity frame to order – just let know the measurements you want and our experienced and passionate team of craftspeople will build you your own bespoke Simplicity frame. All Simplicity frames are made in-house by the SIM Frame team using the highest quality sustainable woods.

Simplicity frame - Buy large & small picture frames online from Sim Frame
Casa frame cross section

Colour Samples

Collage Picture Frames

Professional paper types available to print your photos online with

Wooden frames never go out of fashion when they’re done well. Our Simplicity range, available in black, white, brown, or beech, are done incredibly well by our in-house team of craftspeople and they’re the perfect display encasement for regular-sized collage photos or super-sized large collage photos.

The straight, right-angular crafting of the edges crown the overall look and feel of this range of frames and more and more customers (both professional and in-home) are choosing Simplicity as the design vehicle of choice for their wall collage picture frame.

Holding up to 9 images, these multi-aperture displays look superb and striking in any environment. We have an easy-to-use online tool which allows you to select and position the images you want to use so it looks just the way you want it to look.

Alternatively, if you want something completely unique to you, send us details about the bespoke size of frame and collage layout you want.

All our standard-sized collage picture frames and our bespoke large collage picture frames are built from scratch using the finest quality materials by our in-house craft and print team.

Paper Samples

Professional paper types available to print your photos online with

SIM Frame offers you six different types of industry-leading printing paper on which to transfer your photography or other imagery.

  • Lustre paper - a type of semi matte paper, is better in producing a “film” effect with an emphasis very much on the texture of the image. Photographers tend to choose lustre paper for images with vibrant colours or for monochrome images.
  • Gloss paper - uses an extra layer of coating to give the colours in a photograph or an image an extra visual punch. Gloss paper is superb at reproducing darker colours and deeper blacks which serves to provide an additional element of contrast.
  • Photo rag paper - is a deep matt paper choice for both artists and photographers seeking the highest quality of artistic and fine art prints. Very versatile and equally capable in producing the visually stunning colour and monochrome prints, Professional Image Maker magazine describes photo rag as “the gold standard against which other papers are compared”.
  • Baryta paper - possessing the “wow” factor particularly on black and white imagery, our 325gsm FineArt Baryta paper promises you the best in colour depth, high definition imagery, and palette
  • German etching - the 310gsm paper has a beautiful textured surface and delivers incredible detail on both high-end photography and more traditional prints.
  • Metallic paper - offers the undoubted colour vibrancy options you get with gloss paper but it adds an extra iridescence providing a boost to both the warmth and the depth of an image. The metallic effect finish makes this type of paper the professionals’ favourite for images where contrast really needs to be brought out.

For help choosing the right paper option for your images click below to receive free samples (P&P applies) so that you can compare them yourself.

Mount Colour Samples

Photo mounts are available black, white, cream and bright white

Choose from four different coloured frame mounts – white, black, cream, and bright white. You can order a free Mount sample pack online – only pay postage and packaging charges. Offering a visually satisfying and contemporary flat design with perfectly square corners, our frames afford an understated stylishness to the presentation of your most important images and artwork.

Hanging System

Back view of a frame showing mounting

SIM Frame’s hanging systems fix solidly and reliably to your walls and they’re ready out of the box. Rather than relying on a length of string slung between to different points on your frame on which to hang your image, our frames have two solid points, both of which allow for small 10mm adjustments to make sure that you get the perfect position.

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Sizes & Prices of Simplicity

See our size and price guide below. If you can’t see the perfect size for you, simply get in touch with our friendly customer support team to see how we can help.

Portrait & Landscape

Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 8" 254 x 203 £42.14 £0.60 £3.48 £1.67
12 x 8" 305 x 203 £43.79 £1.00 £4.38 £2.00
12 x 10" 305 x 254 £45.39 £1.10 £4.60 £2.50
16 x 12" 406 x 305 £56.69 £4.00 £4.96 £4.00
18 x 12" 457 x 305 £62.65 £4.00 £5.41 £4.50
20 x 16" 508 x 406 £67.74 £4.00 £10.74 £6.67
24 x 16" 610 x 406 £77.20 £6.00 £11.52 £8.00
24 x 20" 610 x 508 £84.89 £6.00 £13.90 £10.00
30 x 12" 762 x 305 £76.05 £4.40 £7.87 £6.88
30 x 20" 762 x 508 £96.34 £8.00 £15.33 £12.50
30 x 24" 762 x 610 £101.6 £10.00 £19.55 £15.00


Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 10" 254 x 254 £43.73 £0.80 £5.35 £2.08
12 x 12" 305 x 305 £46.99 £1.20 £6.07 £3.00
16 x 16" 406 x 406 £64.42 £4.00 £6.15 £5.33
20 x 20" 508 x 508 £77.43 £6.00 £10.42 £8.33
24 x 24" 610 x 610 £89.87 £8.00 £17.28 £12.00
30 x 30" 762 x 762 £112.04 £10.00 £20.19 £18.75
All Prices Exclude VAT


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