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For centuries, artwork, photography, and important historical documents have been mounted in large wooden picture frames for posterity and remembrance. Aesthetically, a large wooden frame enhances and prioritises the object d’art being displayed in it. Wooden frames are both inviting and warm. They’re versatile enough to work in any home, studio, or gallery – wooden frames really bring out the colour and vibrancy in an image far more than other frame materials.

Appleton frames offer the durability you’d expect from well-crafted wooden frames because we use the highest quality materials in their construction – they’re less prone to condensation in humid indoor environments and resistant to warping. An investment in an Appleton frame is an investment that will last for decades to come.

Noted by both professional photographers and style-conscious consumers for its modern, square edges, the Appleton collection offers a choice of three naturally-influenced colours specifically chosen to work well in any environment and in any lighting condition. You can specify the exact premium precise cut mount configuration you need to perfectly frame every image, accentuating the stand-out qualities of the image you’re displaying.

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Collage Picture Frames

Professional paper types available to print your photos online with

The high-quality wooden frames in the Appleton range work incredibly well when used as the housing for either multi-aperture standard size collage photo frames or large collage picture frames.

Select up to 9 images for your Appleton wall collage picture frame – you can group together a series of photographs dedicated to a special time or a special person.

The subtle use of wood, indicative of the Appleton range, ensures that your photo frame collage will stand out and the images it holds are presented in such a way as to highlight how important and special the memories they represent are to you.

For the large collage picture frames in our Appleton range, choose up to 9 images to include on your collage. Why not try our easy-to-use online editing tool to design your collage just the way you want it to look?

Alternatively, because all of our products are made in house, you can specify a custom-sized wall collage picture frame size and layout – just send us a drawing of how you want your collage to be including ideas of measurements between the images and the sides and we can work it out from there.

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Sizes & Prices of Appleton

See our size and price guide below. If you can’t see the perfect size for you, simply get in touch with our friendly customer support team to see how we can help.

Portrait & Landscape

Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 8" 254 x 203 £32.88 £0.60 £3.48 £1.67
12 x 8" 305 x 203 £33.95 £1.00 £4.38 £2.00
12 x 10" 305 x 254 £34.95 £1.10 £4.60 £2.50
16 x 12" 406 x 305 £44.47 £4.00 £4.96 £4.00
18 x 12" 457 x 305 £45.45 £4.00 £5.41 £4.50
20 x 16" 508 x 406 £53.14 £4.00 £10.74 £6.67
24 x 16" 610 x 406 £61.41 £6.00 £11.52 £8.00
24 x 20" 610 x 508 £67.91 £6.00 £13.90 £10.00
30 x 12" 762 x 305 £59.95 £4.40 £7.87 £6.88
30 x 20" 762 x 508 £77.58 £8.00 £15.33 £12.50
30 x 24" 762 x 610 £81.73 £10.00 £19.55 £15.00


Inches mm Frame with Photo (+)Single Mount (+)Fine Art Paper (+)Ultra clear Acrylic
10 x 10" 254 x 254 £33.89 £0.80 £5.35 £2.08
12 x 12" 305 x 305 £35.97 £1.20 £6.07 £3.00
16 x 16" 406 x 406 £51.02 £4.00 £6.15 £5.33
20 x 20" 508 x 508 £61.64 £6.00 £10.42 £8.33
24 x 24" 610 x 610 £71.70 £8.00 £17.28 £12.00
30 x 30" 762 x 762 £90.31 £10.00 £20.19 £18.75
All Prices Exclude VAT


Appleton - Modern Square Wooden Photo Frame
Baroque - Ornate Metallic Wooden Photo Frame
Casa - Rounded Edge Wooden Photo Frame
Classic - Contemporary Wooden Photo Frame
Vintage - Shabby Chic Wood Photo Frame
Chevron of a floating picture frame
Floating Picture Frame
Corner of an acrylic photo print
Acrylic Prints
Corner of a custom metal print
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